Bucks Community Eating Disorder Service

The Buckinghamshire Community Eating Disorders Team provides community support for adults with eating disorders, who need help and advice from our multidisciplinary team.

The team provides psychological assessment and therapy, dietetic advice, support & monitoring, and can help with shopping and meal planning depending on individual needs and decisions made during the initial assessment process.

The team will work alongside, and in collaboration with, existing health professionals to ensure that everyone involved is kept informed and up to date with diagnosis, treatment and progress.

We provide specialist assessment and treatment for adult patients with eating disorders, registered with a Buckinghamshire GP.
To ensure that we can offer individually tailored treatment packages that address both the physical and psychological aspects of an eating disorder our team consists of:

  • Clinical & Counselling Psychologists
  • Mental Health Practitioners, including Nurses and Social Workers
  • Specialist Dietician
  • Community Support Worker
  • Consultant Psychiatrist
  • Administrator

Our team is based at the Whiteleaf Centre, Aylesbury and we are also able to offer some treatment at Saffron House, High Wycombe . We also work closely with hopitals for for individuals who need more intensive treatment.
The team also provides additional services to other health professionals such as training and supervision. Where individuals are referred from Child & Adolescent Services, we work closely to ensure a smooth transition, offering specific sessions to family members to help them understand how adult services work.

Page last reviewed: 18 January, 2023