Preceptorship is a structured process of supporting all newly qualified health and social care practitioners in their first year of practice, those returning to practice or undertaking a significant change in role. Support is provided by a structured handbook and rolling yearly programme of workshops for Preceptees and Preceptors which are coordinated by the Preceptorship Lead.

Preceptorship programmes aim to:

  • Support practitioners to consolidate the knowledge and skills gained as a student or previous experience.
  • Develop competence and confidence in practice within the environment and demands of their first or new post.
  • Lay a firm foundation in high quality practice and service improvement.
  • Establish the necessary skills and discipline for continuing professional development.
  • Support the newly qualified practitioner in evidencing and meeting the KSF competency standards after 12 months in post.
  • Preceptees will set short and long term measurable objectives that demonstrate competence in the six core KSF dimensions and key responsibilities within their job description.  Preceptees will be expected to complete a small service improvement project and share this with their workplace team and other Preceptees.

Flying Start Scotland

Flying Start is a development programme for all newly qualified nurses, midwives and allied health professionals. It has been designed to support your transition from student to newly qualified health professional by supporting your learning in everyday practice through a range of learning activities:

  • Communication and Team Working
  • Leadership
  • Service Improvement and Quality
  • Person and People Development e.g. CPD, PDR, coaching, supervision, career planning

Page last reviewed: 22 April, 2020