Meeting papers

27th April 2016

Board Agenda April 2016

00_BOD-Agenda_April 2016_clean 42(i)_

BOD_Directors Interests Coversheet 42(ii)_

BOD_Register_Directors_Interests_April_2016 43(i)_

BOD Minutes 23 March 2016 v.2 43(ii)_

BOD_Summary of Actions_23 March 2016 44(i)_

BOD_CEO_Report_Public_April2016 final version 44(ii)_

BOD_ Appendix 1 CE Report Legal Regulatory Policy Update April 2016 vfinal 44(iii)_

BOD_Appendix 2 Summary of board papers – March 16 45_

BOD_Chief Operating Officers Report April 2016 46_

BOD_Quality and Safety_Clinical Effectiveness Report April 2016 FINAL 47(i)_

BOD_Trust Board Quality Account April 2016 covering sheet 47(ii)_

BOD_Quality Account Year End 2015.16 v2.1 without annex 48_

BOD_Inpatient nurse staffing levels April 2016 (data March 2016) v1 49_

BOD_Learning Disabilities Annual Board Report April 2016 V3 (2) 50_

BOD_Finance Board Report – month 12 – Public (final version)_v.2 51(i)

BOD_Report Coversheet for Performance report 24.04.16 V1 51(ii)_

BOD_EB Board Performance Report Mar 2016 V2 52(i)_

BOD_Workforce Performance ReportCoverSheet -April Final 52(ii)_

BOD_Workforce Performance Report – April 2016 Final 53(i)_

BOD_FY16 Business Plan Progress Q4 – BoD Report Coversheet 53(ii)_

BOD_Business Plan FY16 – Q4 Report 54(i)_

BoD_BAF Report Coversheet_April 2016 54(ii)_

BOD_BAF 18 April 2016_PUBLIC 55_

BOD_Monitor Q4 Report v1 56_

BOD_Sealing Apr 2016 57_

Gifts&Hospitality Reg – May 2015_April 2016 58(i)_

BOD_Trust Board Patient Involvement Experience Strategy April 2016 covering sheet 58(ii)_

BOD_Patient Involvement Experience Strategy April 16 v5


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