Allied Health Professionals strategy

Allied Health Professionals are the third largest workforce in the NHS. They practise in most clinical pathways and work across organisational boundaries at all stages of the pathway, providing solution-focused, goal-centred care to support patients’ aims, independence, and autonomy.

In Oxford Health we have nine of the fourteen professional groups practising across physical health, mental health and learning disability services.


The Oxford Health Allied Health Professionals Strategy was co-produced with Allied Health Professionals attending the 2022 AHPs Day celebration.

Participants were asked to work through a series of questions, considering the national AHPs Deliver Strategy, health inequalities, their local knowledge of services and populations, and their areas of work.

Our vision

  • Allied Health Professionals in Oxford Health are at the forefront of developing and delivering high quality, effective clinical services; demonstrating outcomes, impact, and sustainability.

  • Allied Health Professionals have opportunities to develop themselves and their career pathway.

  • Allied Health Professionals understand and actively contribute to reducing health inequalities and are committed to an anti-discriminatory, anti-racist culture, striving to create a fair and safe place to work.

  • Allied Health Professionals will ensure that co-production and social justice is at the centre of their work.

Our strategy


Deliver the best possible care and health outcomes

  • Effective and diverse clinical leadership.
  • AHPs work collaboratively across services.
  • Demonstrating the impact of AHPs.

Be a great place to work

  • Respect diversity and embrace inclusion within our workforce.
  • Provide opportunities to be the AHP you want to be.
  • Be the place AHPs want to train, work and stay.

Make the best use of our resources and protect the environment

  • AHPs are environmentally aware and seek sustainable solutions.
  • Adopt digital technology to improve effectiveness.
  • Develop and deliver sustainable clinical services.

Be a leader in healthcare research and education.

  • Improve services to deliver the most effective and efficient practice.
  • Make research part of everyday life and contribute to the evidence base for AHPs.
  • Ensure that Quality Improvement is part of our culture and practice.

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Download the 14 page Allied Health Professions (AHPs) Strategy 2023-27 (pdf):

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Page last reviewed: 4 January, 2024