Summary of action plan

The 2014 National Audit of Schizophrenia examined the quality of drug prescription at our trust, patients’ access to psychological treatments and the assessment and treatment of physical health conditions for people with schizophrenia. In light of the findings, an action plan was developed to address issues that were identified by the report authors.

Physical health

In our action plan, we have said that we will ensure the physical health needs of service users are met by

  • regularly monitoring their physical health in line with local and national guidance.
  • improving the access to and sharing of information on the physical health of our patients between primary and secondary care.
  • ensuring that care co-ordinators and clinicians signpost and support patients to access appropriate health information.
  • improving the knowledge, skills and confidence of our staff.
  • ensuring equipment is available at bases to allow clinicians to carry out measurement of basic parameters such as height, weight, pulse rate, blood pressure.
  • improving the documentation in our new electronic health record system.

Psychological treatments

We have also said that we will increase the access of cognitive behaviour therapy and family therapy interventions for patients with psychosis (as described in NICE guidance). These interventions will be provided by skilled and supervised practitioners who will measure outcomes appropriately.

Information for patients

We will also develop better educational information for service users and carers about the rationale for better physical health care and the importance of physical health checks. At the same time, we will explore service user and carer experience in greater depth.

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Page last reviewed: 23 June, 2021